This is our mainstream class.  This program targets all levels of fitness, and is scaled to all individuals.

We offer a 3-day weekly program targeted for people who strive to get stronger and more explosive with their strength.  This class will stand out to people who like to pick up some HEAVY stuff, and gain strength.

School Programs:
Inquire with Saro or Jocelyn

Fundamental Course:
Our hands on course aimed at teaching the fundamental movements necessary for training in CrossFit. They are prerequisite classes for individuals that do not have previous experience in training that is similar to CrossFit.
2-3 private fundamentals classes. This option is more individualized and more attention to the trainees. This option can be fulfilled ASAP. Just contact Saro and we can schedule you at our nearest opening.

Personal Training
We also offer personal training for individuals looking for 1 on 1 specified attention. Our coaches will work with you carefully to reach your goals whether they be: athletic training, rehabilitation, weight loss, overall fitness, mobilization, and more. Doesn’t matter age or fitness level, we will help you get to where you want.

What does a class feel like at Iron Fist Athletics?
We like our members to show up on time for their scheduled class.  Typically the entire group does a group warm up.  Types of warm ups vary, most warm ups are instructed, and sometimes we give extra time for people to work on individual warm up needs.  Our warm ups typically last 10-15 minutes.  After, the group, under coach guidance goes over the daily workout.  Once all movements are covered we then get loose and dominate the gym floor, instructor-led and peer-driven.  We try to leave time at the end of the class for static stretching that will be instructed by a coach.