June 23

Thursday – SPEED


IFA is trying to set up a fun day for everyone while doing what we do best and exercising. We are trying to get a team/event day to take part in The Civilian Military Combine event on Saturday, September 10th, 2016. It is for EVERYONE!!! Tackle 25 + military grade obstacles over a course of 5 miles. CMC incorporates new, never-before-seen obstacles in each event! Because the race is release controlled, YOU WON’T BE WAITING ON LINES FOR OBSTACLES! They have a PIT before the race, which is a 5-minute Amrap CrossFit style before we all set off for the obstacle course. The PIT has beginner, intermediate, and advance workouts. If you have questions about the PIT ask Coach Saro. Once the race is over we will hang out for a bit and enjoy some beer and food. If you are off or available that day, I encourage all of you to take part in this event and spend time with your IFA family.

We have a 20% discount code for everyone: IFA20

There is a price increase that takes effect after July 1st, 2016 and LIMITED SPACE in the heat we are in!!! SIGN UP ASAP!

Direct Link: https://secure.cmcrace.com/code/ifa20

How to sign-up: Go to the direct link, if not go to their website and choose Brooklyn location. Choose Full CMC Pit + Race (and enter code if you haven’t already). Enter in all your info. Choose Join Team and select Iron Fist Athletics. Then select Wave Time PIT + Race 10:30-11:00am start. You will also have to pay a mandatory $10 insurance fee. Submit all your info and purchase. Once you do please let Coach Saro know.

MORE DETAILS TO COME! If you have any questions or concerns ask or are confused with how and what to register for, please ask Coach Saro.

Warm Up
Hollow Rocks
MB Russian Twist

Partner WOD #1
4 Rounds Ping Pong
Run 180m
7 Push Press (m125/w83)
Row 180m
4 Power Snatches (m125/w83)

WOD #2
Row 500m