Sept 11

Friday – RETEST

Saturday, Sept 12th:
– Coach Sully will be doing a Running Clinic at IFA. Time: 8:30-9:25am. It is open to all members. Clinic will help improve running mechanics and teach faults and therapies per individual.
– We will be using Tires in the WOD that day. If you are joining us at 9:30 for the workout, be sure to bring an extra t-shirt and/or a towel. The tires will get you very dirty.

Warm Up
Ring Dips
Toe Taps
Hollow Rocks
Super Rocks

WOD #1
100 Double Unders/250 Singles
75 Push Ups
50 Wall Balls
25 Thrusters (m105/w73)
Cap: 16 Minutes

WOD #2
1 Time:
M.E. Unbroken Deadlifts (m255/w165)