March 1

Saturday – SPEED

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Open Gym
Okay, so we have something new at IFA, “Open Gym”.
“Open Gym” is for MEMBERS ONLY, individuals that have monthly memberships with IFA. Pre-existing members can speak to me for a drop-in fee for “Open Gym”. There are rules to this, I have posted a sheet at our box with rules and suggestions for exercises. “Open Gym” is not a social hour to come hangout, we did this to help all of you focus on your weaknesses. Come to train and have fun. This is a privilege, so please be considerate to our rules.

End of 30 Day Paleo Challenge
Relative to weight loss and physical change, these decisions were estimated. I commend all of you who took part in this, the support and communication with all of you was fantastic. There will be more Challenges in the near future. The winner gets $50 towards next months membership.
There are 3 winners to the challenge, they worked hard and all pushed their margins.
Ben C.
Marty M.
Garabed K.
Ben and Marty will be awarded to split the reward. Each of you get $25 off your next month’s membership. As for Garabed he is family so he will be rewarded with hugs, but to say the least, Garabed lost the most total weight. Congrats to all you!!!

See you all Saturday morning!!!