Jan 27 – 30 Day Challenge Begins

Monday – VOLUME

Our IFA 30 Day Paleo Challenge Begins!!!
Jan 27th – Feb 25, 2014
Brochures are at IFA with all information about the Paleo diet, meal planning, and challenge regulations.
Weigh-ins and Pictures for the 30-Day Challenge are mandatory to be eligible to receive a reward for the winner.

Weigh-ins and Pictures will be done at IFA the hours of:
Jan 27th & Jan 28th:

For those of you who are getting pictures taken: please wear something light and tight, sports bras or tank tops for females, guys preferably shirtless. Wear what will make you feel comfortable. Pictures and weigh-ins will be confidential unless otherwise directed by members.

Warm Up
Jump Rope 2 Minutes
Barbell OHS
Mountain Climbers
MB Slams

20 Minute Amrap
2 Wall Climbs
10 Hand Release Push Ups
10 MB Sit Ups
10 Ring Rows